WA Jury Trials cancelled until July 7, 2020

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Whatcom County

WA Jury Trials cancelled until July 7, 2020
By: Neil Harrison ~ 4/30/2020

On Wed April 29, 2020 WASC Chief Justice Debra Stephens announces the following;

     1. All jury trials in Washington State are postponed until at least July 07, 2020 

     2. All Civil jury matters are suspended to at least July 06, 2020 

We have to ask ourselves;

     - why such a long delay and postponement of our judicial system, and of our constitutional rights?

     - is this sort of draconian measure really necessary for a 'Flu virus'?

     - has anyone considered the ramifications of the "trickle down effect" on our economy and food chain related businesses?

     - if COSTCO can require that everyone use masks (PPE) etc to enter... why cant our judicial system?

     - is social distancing and personal protection equipment no longer acceptable to the government, and why?

     - how is this going to affect our economy, our citizenry, and our ability to feed and provide for our families?

I also find it promising that our Governor has started to reduce restrictions by; opening up recreational areas, re-open construction business, re-open public fishing,  and is reported to be considering re-opening other business and social activities...... 

So why the disconnect between the state judicial branch and the state executive branch?